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Who is Boardcircle for?

Companies... who will benefit from non-execs Directors... who will benefit from being non-execs You... if you have what it takes
Growing companies reach a point where a non-executive director would add value through challenge and advice; and potentially in a specialised area such as finance, marketing etc. That is, companies seek wider strategic skills to consoli­date the business and take it to the next stage of devel­op­ment. We give companies early exper­ience of independ­ent directors, helping them better understand where and how they deliver value, and how to engage with them. The directors and senior managers are the people with the drive and ambition to grow the company. As future business leaders they will be seeking the next stage of professional development as directors; to develop wider, more strategic and influencing skills. A small or medium sized company might seem a limiting environment in which to do this, but Boardcircle solves this by providing a ready path to development through a non-executive post in another company. Hence, as the company grows, they can too. Boardcircle is for people who thrive on the idea of devel­oping a business. They have talent, motivation and are looking for oppor­tunities to develop them­selves and their company. They are already business leaders who want to become more rounded, and will give their knowledge, skills and passion in exchange.