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What does Boardcircle do?

We help companies to ‘share’ directors as non-execs

Boardcircle was created to provide a unique opportunity for small and medium sized companies to effectively ‘share’ directors, as non-executives. The non-exec positions are not salaried but aim to serve the professional development needs of directors; at the same time providing an independent director to help companies develop.

Finding the best fit from a pool of talented professionals

‘Sharing’ directors is not a straight swap, so Boardcircle works with companies and people to find the best fit. Companies join to promote someone as a non-executive and look for one.

This encourages business leaders to develop executive skills in other organisations and creates opportunities for companies to experience a non-executive from a pool of talented professionals.

At low cost

There is a threshold before most smaller companies consider taking on the costs of a non-exec, which could be £20,000 a year. Our emphasis is on skill development, so the Boardcircle non-execs are not necessarily paid. Boardcircle charges an annual membership fee, payable when a non-exec placement is agreed. This membership covers your company taking or giving a non-exec, or both.