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Below you will find a variety of materials to support you in your first steps in taking on a non-executive and becoming one. If you have suggestions for topics that should be covered in the knowledge base, please contact us.

Public Resources

Brexit PDF

A few weeks ago we launched a survey on the risks and opportunities of Brexit; not to persuade but to understand – why are businesses split on the idea of being in or out of a single market, and what is the quantified risk or opportunity? We find that the risks of Brexit are more keenly felt by exporters, who see the potential for loss of revenues of up to 10% and costs increasing by up to 5%. Non-exporters do not see any risk to revenue but also see costs increasing by up to 5%..

Overcoming your barriers to growth PDF

We are very pleased to be a sponsor for this business growth accelerator clinic in Richmond on Friday 16th May. Get immediate access to a host of experts that can help you through your business growth challenges. Not only this, the day will also raise funds for the Child’s i Foundation.

Expand your horizons as a non-executive PDF

We wanted to understand why so many directors take on non-exec roles, so we surveyed a sample of seasoned company directors about their experiences. We found that these directors were excited and motivated by the opportunity to expand their horizons and to enrich their careers.

The Questing Hero unmasked (full)PDF (short)PDF

As a business leader, do you have a coach, mentor or non-­executive director to call upon? If not, you may be holding back yourself and your business by adopting the stance of the ‘questing hero’. Being a hero sounds great, but the characteristics of a ‘questing hero’ are over­confidence, perfectionism, and an unwillingness to take on feedback.

Be your own Growth AcceleratorPDF

Shocked to see the Growth Accelerator go? It was a great disappointment to see the government stop funding an initiative that was useful to so many businesses. Don’t despair: simply be your own business accelerator – by pushing yourself the same way this programme would have done.


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Private Resources

Bringing someone ‘on-board’

Checklist for meeting with potential non-execs

Getting ‘on-board’

How to be a great non-exec

Check-list for your first 100 days

Non-executive or ‘board adviser’?

Templates for underpinning your new relationship

The following are available for members on request:

Non-disclosure and non-compete agreement to support initial meetings with prospective non-executives;

Board advisor agreement, providing template terms and conditions for engaging someone as a board advisor rather than a non-executive