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Questions and answers

Aren’t non-executives normally paid?

Many take unpaid positions and for a variety of reasons. With Boardcircle, the ‘pay-back’ is professional development and any remuneration is up to the Recipient Company. As you come to demonstrate your value to other SMEs, the experience gained will help you secure salaried non-exec roles in future.

What if we want to donate or receive more than one person?

If you want to extend the opportunity to more than one person, or offer more than one position, the process is the same but please contact us directly. The membership fee increases in proportion to the number of people donated or received (i.e. n people = n × our standard membership fee).

Non-executive or board advisor?

The Boardcircle appointments do not have to start from day-one as non-executives and some may prefer to become ‘board advisors’, at least initially. Whilst this is becoming more common, the greater experience is likely to come from assuming the role of a non-executive and the fiduciary responsibilities this entails.

What if we want to receive or donate a non-exec only?

Smaller companies may feel they only have the capacity to receive a non-exec and not donate one or vice versa. As we aim to balance the demand and supply for non-execs we intend to make up any shortfall through individual placements. We will be making an announcement on this soon, so if this interests you then please email us.

How long is the engagement?

Non-execs are typically appointed for 3 years. There is a balance between getting to know the company and maintaining your independence.

When I register will people be able to see my details?

We will show a few details so that users can see what activity there is in a region. Signed-up users will also be able to see the type of company and non-exec available.

When I sign up, what details will be shown?

When signed up, we will display the profile that you enter for the map: skills offered and/or skills needed, business type, size etc.

How do I know that my details are protected and that I have an assurance of confidentiality?

We are registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act. Your information will be used for the purposes of maintaining contact with you and to keep you informed of our products and services and those of our partners. Due to the way we operate, you ultimately make the decision as to who you share your details with – Boardcircle facilitates your choices.