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How it works

You register

Once registered, you can view compan­ies and candidate non-execs close to you on the map
Register your interest and see how many others have already joined in your region.

You discuss with your colleagues

You will very likely discuss joining Boardcircle with your colleagues, gaining their agreement on the benefits and how this would work in your company: who would be promoted as a non-executive; and the profile of someone to fit your board.

You sign-up

Signing up enables you to see the profiles of prospective non-execs; and the non-exec profiles other companies are seeking.

You provide profiles of your candidate and a non-exec to join your board

After you have signed up you can enter a profile of your candidate non-exec and the desired profile of someone to join your board. We recommend these are short but well crafted to attract interest โ€“ further details can be exchanged at a later time.

You identify candidates

From the list of companies and non-execs in your region you express an interest in one or more of them.

We facilitate your selection

We work with companies and the candidate non-execs to find the right match for both. This involves exchange of CVs and company information and direct meetings between company and prospective non-exec.

You decide and get started

We help you get started with some additional materials, many of which are in our knowledge base.

We monitor and nurture your progress

We aim to nurture your new collaboration, so with your permission we monitor progress, offer advice and look for common themes and lessons that can be learned; and fed back to the wider Boardcircle community through new knowledge base articles, social media and talks.

You reap the benefits

By taking on a non-exec assignment, you gain a unique professional development opportunity, benefiting yourself and your company. Your company gains an impartial and challenging viewpoint to help grow the business.