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Meet the team

Martin Hawley Martin Hawley has a passion for value-creating ideas and conceived Boardcircle from his experience in SMEs. He often found that the talented professionals he worked with at board level were closer to the mark than many professional advisors. Yet they could also be disadvantaged by being overly close and emotionally involved. Looking around the boardroom table Martin realised that his colleagues could add exceptional value to other boards, and in doing so develop their own skills as directors. Maybe some companies could share their directors as non-executives? And if this could be done at low cost it could revolutionise growing businesses, accelerating growth through better and more diverse governance.

Martin’s background is as a consultant, but his strong interest in business led him to pursue functional leadership in HR, business development and international sales. He rounds this off with consultancy experience in business analysis, strategy and planning, change management, security, marketing and communications. He has over 12 years’ experience as a statutory director and is a skilled board member, able to switch focus between strategic development, policy, performance and compliance.

Kath Amery Serendipity brought Katherine Amery to Boardcircle. Her career has evolved from the creative sector to recruitment in the fashion industry and more recently to sales development in a leading business coaching and leadership company. She is inspired by the confluence of simple ideas that makes Boardcircle, and the opportunity she has to use her formidable communication and networking skills to bring people together. As Head of Operations she has been involved in setting up the business from scratch. She is now focused on identifying the top talent in SMEs and identifying opportunities for personal and professional matches between aspiring NEDs and progressive businesses. Her fresh approach and zest for life underlies her steely determination to succeed and help highly skilled professionals achieve their goals.

Chris Veness Chris Veness is something of an information junkie. He loves designing, managing and manipulating information. Recognising that the world is drowning in information, and that today’s leaders are time poor but knowledge hungry, Boardcircle appeals to Chris’s innate desire to simplify the complex and to do things differently. Chris has been working in computer science for his whole career, specialising in designing and managing large and complex information sets. In recent years he has focused on database-sourced websites with user-friendly interfaces. His business and academic acumen have led him to develop platforms for a sports management franchise and to support a diverse range of R&D, from medieval manuscripts to air traffic control. Chris is the architect of Boardcircle’s database and website.